Sore Ribs

Causes of Sore Ribs


Sore ribs can be a very troublesome condition and the causes of sore ribs would help you in understanding the reasons that lead to the problem. In simple words, sore ribs are caused due to any kind of injury that might impact the rib cage. Broken ribs or cracked ribs are a result of a severe injury or accident and they lead to extreme rib pain in most cases. Bruised ribs can also be a result of any kind of injury that happens while playing games like football and ice hockey. Such injuries usually require complete abstinence from the action and ask you to take complete rest. On the other hand, some medical conditions can also lead to the problem of bruised ribs and they need to be handled at the earliest.


Signs of Bruised Ribs


The signs of sore ribs comprise of inflammation and pain in the affected region. Since the bruised ribs can be brought about by some physical trauma, you would be able to observe the signs of the impact near the affected rib site. Another interesting sign of sore ribs is that while sleeping, you would not be able to put your bodyweight on the affected region as this would result in a lot of pain. Some broken rib symptoms comprise of shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing, and such cases should be resolved at the earliest. Pleuritic pain is quite common as bruised ribs lead to difficulty and pain while breathing. When you spot all these common bruised ribs symptoms in your body, it is essential that you look for proper medical treatment and resort to ways that would ensure that the condition is handled at the earliest.


How to Treat Bruised Ribs


There are several ways of treating bruised ribs and most of them require that you give adequate rest to the affected site. This means that you should not engage in any activities that put stress on your bruised ribs. Also, while sleeping, you need to ensure that you do not put your weight on the affected site. Protecting the cracked ribs is extremely important as this would ensure that the recovery is not delayed due to stress on the bruised ribs. Sore ribs are not hard to take care of as you simply need to give them enough rest and protection from any kind of physical stress.